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South Carolina Association of Pre-Trial Intervention Programs

The Association is to provide a focal point for identification of interest and concerns of pretrial service agencies. Furthermore, it is to provide an opportunity for active participation in professional educational development for those employed by or interested in the betterment of pretrial services in South Carolina. The Association is to provide avenues for development of consistency and dependability in program services statewide. Thereby this shall establish and maintain program credibility while reflecting the uniqueness in each judicial circuit. The Association is to provide to each circuit Solicitor available resources and assistance to maintain and improve pretrial services in South Carolina.


Pre-Trial Intervention

Pre-Trial Intervention (or PTI) was created by an Act of the South Carolina General Assembly in 1980.  It is an intervention program in which selected offenders may participate as an alternative to prosecution.  Participants may receive educational and vocational referrals, individual and group counseling referrals, and referrals to other appropriate community agencies.

State vs Tootle

SC PTI Statute

Community Juvenile Arbitration

The Juvenile Arbitration Program in South Carolina was started in Lexington County in 1983. It was created to give juvenile offenders an opportunity to clear their records by completing requirements determined by a volunteer arbitrator. In 1996 the program began expanding across the state and by 2008 every Circuit in South Carolina had adopted the program. The goals and objectives of the program are: To provide a model community-based conferencing program that successfully diverts non-violent first-time juvenile offenders from the justice system, while promoting offender accountability, victim reparation, and protection of the public.

Juvenile Arbitration Fact Sheet